Solmax - IGS FoundationOne of the world’s largest geosynthetics manufacturers has thrown its weight behind a new initiative to improve geosynthetics education and adoption worldwide.

Solmax has given a generous donation to the newly-created IGS Foundation, which aims to expand the understanding and use of geosynthetics through education programs and other initiatives.

The gift makes Solmax a Platinum Founding Donor, one of the top honor categories set up by the Foundation. 

Solmax’s President and CEO Jean-Louis Vangeluwe said education was the motor to drive the geo-industry.

“The most important factor is education. Geosynthetics products and services are still considered a niche market; contractors and end clients keep on using natural materials, but this is not sustainable with a growing global population. We need to extend the use of geosynthetics versus natural materials, for the benefit of all, and to do that, we need unbiased experts to communicate with civil engineering bodies. We must educate engineers so they can create better solutions. This will trigger more demand and develop innovation. It all starts with the engineers and their needs, and this is what the Foundation is trying to address.”

Mr Vangeluwe urged more organizations to get involved with the IGS Foundation.

“Solmax on its own cannot do much, neither can the IGS without sufficient funds. It is an industry goal to grow the recognition of geosynthetics so we should all join in,” he said.

He added: “The geo-industry is a great industry. It helps protect our natural resources, reduce greenhouse gases and be more efficient. We want to help this industry grow so we all should be proud of what we are trying to achieve. Together we can do a lot of good.”

The Foundation invites donations of any size, with the opportunity to climb the ‘honor ladder’ and become a Bronze, Gold, Silver or Platinum donor depending on level of contribution. Those gifting $100,000 or more are inaugurated into the IGS Foundation Hall of Fame. All levels earn unique benefits.

There is still time to be a Founding donor if giving by December 31, 2021. 

To donate, or find out more, contact IGS Foundation Secretary at, or visit the Foundation’s donor page.