IGS-Foundation-LogoThe newly-formed IGS Foundation has got off to an exciting start with industry greats making generous contributions.

Donors including J.P. Giroud and industry giant Solmax have made significant gifts to the charitable organization, which aims to improve geosynthetics education, understanding and use worldwide.

Any financial contribution is welcome but new supporters also have the chance to climb the honor ladder and grab exclusive benefits, depending on their level of donation. The categories are:

  • IGS Hall of Fame: $100,000+
  • Platinum: $25,000+
  • Gold: $10,000+
  • Silver: $5,000+
  • Bronze: $1,000+

Extra perks depending on size and frequency of donation are on offer, as below, for Bronze (items 1-3), Silver (1-4), Gold (1-5), Platinum (1-6) and Hall of Fame (1-7) donors:

  1. Listing on the IGS Foundation website (due to launch January 2021)
  2. Inclusion in the yearly IGS Foundation Report, in print and video
  3. Listing in the IGS News publication and on the IGS website
  4. Recognition at IGS Conferences – Tier 2 Regional conferences – recognition at corporate receptions and a banner and/or digital recognition placement
  5. Recognition at IGS Conferences – Tier 1 Regional conferences and the International Conference on Geosynthetics – recognition at opening ceremonies and the general assembly
  6. Focused article in IGS News and on the IGS website
  7. Breaking News article and postings

One-off donations are invited, but contributors could also consider making annual gifts following an initial donation. This will allow the IGS Foundation to better plan and maintain its important work long term. Pledges for posthumous donations are also a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy. 

J.P. Giroud, a Hall of Fame donor, said: “I was fortunate to participate in the creation and development of the geosynthetics industry. During my 50-year career in the geosynthetics discipline, I received so much, from so many, that today, I am happy to have the opportunity to give back to the geosynthetics industry and community as it moves forward into the next phase of development. The IGS Foundation will help get knowledge of geosynthetics to those who need it.”

Platinum contributor Jean-Louis Vangeluwe, of Solmax, said: “I think the most important factor is education; we have to educate engineers so they can optimize and create better solutions. This will trigger more demand, which will turn into more innovation; a motor to drive the geo-industry. It starts with the engineers and their needs, and that’s why the IGS Foundation is so important to support.”

Gold donor, Sam Allen, of TRI Environmental, said: “There is a natural ‘space’ between traditional practice and state-of-the-practice. The geosynthetics industry often finds itself in this space as practicing engineers encounter geosynthetics for the first time.

“The demonstrated solution to this challenge is education where geosynthetic applications are taught and the state-of-the-practice is revealed. It is this calling for which the IGS Foundation is primed, and why supporting the Foundation with financial resources is so important. An investment in the IGS Foundation is an investment in defining the successful use of geosynthetics as state-of-the-practice.”

Boyd Ramsey, Treasurer of the IGS Foundation, said: “We’re extremely grateful to receive these generous inaugural donations. We have huge ambitions for the IGS Foundation. These contributions have set us on the road to make a strong early impact.

“We invite individuals and organizations to join our Founding donors and consider giving to a cause that will benefit the geosynthetics industry and, ultimately end users, worldwide.”

Current and new contributors still have a chance to be Founding donors at their respective honor level, by donating by December 31, 2021. 

For more information and to donate, contact the Secretary of the IGS Foundation at Admin@TheIGSFoundation.com. You can also visit the IGS Foundation website here.

The IGS Foundation Founding donors include:
(The names below are as of December 12, 2020 and is subject to change. Please visit the Recognition page for the most up-to-date list.)


J.P. Giroud


Jean-Louis Vangeluwe – Solmax


Sam Allen – TRI Environmental
Mike Dubreuil – Ampacet (Canada)
Perry Vyas – SKAPS


Clifford Gundle – Clifford Gundle Philanthropic Trust
Dave McLaury – Demtech Services
Simon Hwang – Formosa USA
Michael Flynn – FLI
François Thivierge – FC Geosynthetics
Mark Topp – COMANCO
Tom Rose – Layfield Group


John Lefas – Ingenia Polymers
Yvon Faucher – FR Liners